A real estate broker learns that her neighbor wishes to sell his house. The broker knows the property well and is able to persuade a buyer to make an offer for the property. The broker then asks the neighbor if the broker can present an offer from the prospective buyer, and the neighbor agrees. At this point, which of the following statements is true?

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An agent had an exclusive right to sell listing agreement with a client on a home listed for $100,000. The agent knew that the seller would actually take $92,000 for the house due to the seller being under duress. During an open house, a buyer came to view the property. The potential buyer loved the house but could not afford more than $90,000. The agent encouraged the buyer to submit an offer. The agent also informed the buyer to offer $90k because she knew the seller would accept $92,000. Did the agent violate her agency relationship with the seller?

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