1. A court orders Jerry to allow neighbor Loretta to drive across his property because it is the only way Loretta can reach her property from a public road. The easement created is an

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2. Why do taxing entities sometimes use an equalization process when assessing properties?

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3. What is the purpose of Planned Unit Development zoning?

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4. The owner of a cooperative owns a(n)

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5. When a joint tenant dies, that tenant’s interest

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6. In a tenancy in common, the co-owners

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7. A valid contract that conveys an interest in real estate must contain

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8. An encroachment arises when

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9. At what level of government is the real estate business primarily regulated?

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10. A person who owns all ownership interests in real property is said to own

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11. What purpose is served by recording a deed?

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12. Legal title to an estate in trust is held by the

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13. If ABC Company has the right to build a structure on top of DEF’s existing structure, ABC owns

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14. Ownership rights, such as those to possess and use a property,

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15. What does an owner own if the duration of his or her rights in an estate cannot be determined?

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