Post Broker Course (Imported)

Real Estate Training Institute Post Broker Course

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to Post Broker
Unit 2 Real Estate Brokerage Including Antitrust
Module 2 Managing Escrow Accounts - Mandatory 4 hours
Unit 1 When Hackers Steal Your Escrow Money
Unit 2 Home Buyer Falls for Cyber Scam, Sues Closing Agent
Unit 3 Owner of Real Estate Escrow Company Indicted for Bank, Wire and Mail Fraud
Unit 4 Escrow
Unit 5 Types of Escrow in Real Estate
Unit 6 Managing Escrow Accounts
Unit 7 Mortgage Escrow Accounts
Unit 8 Cyber Crime and Cyber Security
Unit 9 Closing Attorneys Call Hardwick Trial a Wake-Up Call, Verdict a Relief
Module 3 Intra Office Confidentiality - Mandatory 4 hours
Unit 1 Intra Office Confidentiality
Module 4 Broker Responsibilities to Licensees - Mandatory 4 hours
Unit 1 Broker Responsibilities To Licensees
Unit 2 Coaching Your Staff
Module 5 Break
Unit 1 First Eight Hours Completed
Module 6 Office Policy and Procedures - Mandatory 4 hours
Unit 1 Office Policies and Procedures
Unit 2 Office Policy and Procedures - Part B
Unit 3 Office Policies and Procedures Part C
Module 7 Break
Unit 1 Second Eight Hours Completed
Module 8 Broker Agreements With Licensees and Assistants - Mandatory 4 hours
Unit 1 Broker Agreements With Licensees
Unit 2 Broker Agreements and Assistants
Unit 3 Guidelines For Unlicensed Personal Assistants
Unit 4 Broker Agreements with Licensees Part B
Module 9 MREC and Forms - Mandatory 4 hours
Unit 1 MREC License Law
Unit 2 MREC Administrative Rules
Unit 3 Forms
Module 10 Break
Unit 1 Third Eight Hours Completed
Module 11 Managing Agents - 2 hours
Unit 1 Recruiting and Retention
Unit 2 Managing Agents - Elective
Module 12 Budgeting and Financial Planning - 2 hours
Unit 1 Financial Planning
Unit 2 Estate Tax
Unit 3 Tax Deductions
Unit 4 Basic Cash Flow Statement
Unit 5 Cash vs. Accrual
Unit 6 Balance Sheets and Income Statements
Unit 7 Financial Planning Overview
Module 13 Human Resources Management - 2 hours
Unit 1 Recruiting and Retention
Module 14 Post Broker Course Complete
Unit 1 Evaluation for the Post Broker Course
Unit 2 Post Broker Course Complete

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