Salesperson – Pre Exam State Section (Imported)

This is the state portion of the Pre exam sales course.

Module 1 MREC License Law And Administrative Rules
Unit 1 Pre Exam State - MREC License Law
Unit 2 MREC Administrative Rules
Module 2 MREC Forms
Unit 1 MREC Forms Introduction
Unit 2 Working With A Real Estate Broker
Unit 3 Dual Agency Confirmation Form
Unit 4 Property Condition Disclosure Statements
Unit 5 Cooperating Agreement With Non Resident Principal Broker
Module 3 Flashcards and Games
Unit 1 Flashcards License Law Set One
Unit 2 Flashcards License Law Set Two
Unit 3 Flashcards License Law Set Three
Unit 4 Flashcards License Law Set Four
Unit 5 Flashcards Rules and Regulations Set One
Unit 6 Flashcards Rules and Regulations Set Two
Unit 7 Flashcards Rules and Regulations Set Three
Module 4 Practice Quizzes
Unit 1 Practice Quiz A
Unit 2 Practice Quiz B
Unit 3 Property Disclosure Quiz
Unit 4 Conducting Business Quiz
Unit 5 Agency Quiz
Unit 6 Ownership Quiz
Module 5 MREC License Law Final
Unit 1 MREC License Law Final
Module 6 Evaluation
Unit 1 Evaluation for Mississippi License Law

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