Contracts (2 hours mandatory CE)

Your Course Timer Learners must have 2 recordable hours. Sections of this course are courtesy of Lawshelf.  A written agreement is on file. A contract is an agreement that creates […]

Mississippi License Law (Exam Takers)

REAL ESTATE LICENSE LAW AN ACT to define real estate brokers and real estate salespersons; and providing for the licensing, regulation, and supervision of resident or nonresident real estate brokers […]

3. Continuing Education (16 hours)

Welcome to the Real Estate Training Institute.  🍏 😊 Just a friendly reminder. Don’t forget to push the “MARK complete” button as you view the course.  We need confirmation you […]

1. B. Post-Salesperson’s Course

real estate training institute

This course removes your temporary salesperson’s license. Course Complexity: Standard This course covers contemporary real estate information and issues that a first year agent can take with them throughout their […]

2. B. Post-Broker’s Course

(228) 354-8585 Thirty Hours of Instruction Course Complexity: Standard This course is 30 hours. Your Course Timer There must be 30 recordable hours.