Real Estate Training Institute

Mississippi's Favorite Real Estate School

Instructor Standards

  1. Instructor Standard One: Gold Star Instructor Designation (GSI)
  2. Instructor Standard Two: Real Estate Broker Level Experience
  3. Instructor Standard Three: Practices a collaborative environment where learners participate in their education. (Learner agency)
  4. Instructor Standard Three: Enforces Netiquette Guidelines
  5. Instructor Standard Four: Demonstrates basic troubleshooting skills and addresses basic technical issues as they arise.
  6. Instructor Standard Five: Nurtures learner to learner and learner to teacher relationships.
  7. Instructor Standard Six: Recommends assistive technologies where appropriate to meet mandated needs and address learner preferences.

Senior Instructor Standards

  1. One: The CDEI Designation
  2. Two: The DREI Candidate or Designation
  3. Three: The eDREI Candidate or Designation (available 2022)