Mississippi License Law Final #2

Mississippi License Law Final

1. It is unlawful to carry out the business of a broker or salesperson without

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2. Any person taking appeal shall post a satisfactory bond in the amount of _________dollars for the payment of any costs which may be adjudged against him.

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3. When the broker is the agent for the buyer, first substantive meeting is

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4. Real Estate Commissioners

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5. All exclusive listing agreements shall be in writing, properly identify the property to be sold and contain all of the terms and conditions under which the transaction is to be consummated including the sales price, the considerations to be paid, the signatures of all parties to the agreement and

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6. Any applicant or licensee or person aggrieved shall have the right of appeal from any adverse or order or decision the Commission to the circuit court of the county of the residence of the applicant, licensee or person or of the First Judicial District of Hinds County within ___________days from the service of notice of the action of the Commission.

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7. Peggy, a salesperson for broker Bob listed and sold a property.  Before being paid for that executed transaction, Peggy changed responsible brokers.  Broker Bob

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8. When a licensee is advertising their own property for sale, purchase or exchange which is not listed with a broker, the licensee must

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9. A salesperson has a listing with his responsible broker, Broker A.   The salesperson decided to transfer to a new broker before the listing expires.  When the agent moves to the new broker, who owns the listing?

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10. A real estate licensee shall deliver a true and correct copy of any instrument to any party or parties executing the same

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11. A non-resident may apply for a nonresident’s license in Mississippi

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12. A licensed Mississippi broker may cooperate with a broker licensed in another state who does not hold a Mississippi license

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13. “Disclosed Dual Agent” is when

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14. Monies from the “real estate license fund” are used for

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15. A non material fact which need not be disclosed is

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16. It is not the duty of the responsible broker

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17. When an agent transfers to a new broker and within 3 days gives written notice to the Commission the name of the principal broker into whose agency he is about to enter

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18. A purchaser of a time share may cancel the contract

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19. A salesperson wants to advertise on an Internet web page.

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20. When an offer is made on a property owned by a party with whom the broker has entered into a listing agreement, such broker shall document and date an acceptance or rejection of the offer and

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21. Who are exempt from having a real estate license?

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22. Real Estate Transfer Disclosures are needed for

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23. The interest in a IREBEA account for nominal or short term deposits shall be made quarterly to

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24. A separate cooperating agreement must be filed for each property, prospective user or transaction with said writing

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25. The Commission mandated disclosure form

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26. The non-resident broker cannot place any sign on real property located in Mississippi without the written consent of the cooperating Mississippi broker.  When both brokers place signs on the property.

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27. Broker Bob received an offer this morning for a property he has listed.  Bob promptly called his client and then faxed the offer to his client.  Later that day, Bob received a second offer that was lower and had bad credit terms for financing.  What should Broker Bob do?

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28. For the buyer’s agent, the first substantial meeting shall not include

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29. The transferor shall indicate delivery of the Property Disclosure Statement on

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30. When a broker has an agreement with a non-resident broker, involving a property located in Mississippi all advertising must have the name and telephone number of the Mississippi broker.

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31. Participation in IREBEA is accomplished by

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32. The responsible broker must

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33. The determination of whether a client’s funds are nominal in amount or to be held for a short period of time

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34. Any person charged with a violation shall be given____________days notice of the hearing upon the charges filed, together with a copy of the complaint.

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35. Delivery of the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure is mandatory in all of the following cases except

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36. A real estate broker or salesperson in the ordinary course of his business may give an opinion as to the price of real estate for the purpose of a prospective listing or sale, however this opinion as to the listing price or sale price

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37. Neither the transferor nor any listing or selling agent shall be liable for an error, inaccuracy or omission of information delivered

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38. All (5) five commissioners appointed by the Governor with advise and consent of the Senate

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39. Licensees may obtain errors and omissions coverage independently if the coverage contained in the policy follows the minimum requirement of

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40. Every applicant for a resident license as a real estate salesperson shall be

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41. In the event the agency relationship changes between the parties to a real estate transaction

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42. Earnest money accepted by the broker or any licensee for which the broker is responsible and upon acceptance of a mutually agreeable contract is required to deposit the money

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43. The transferor of a duplex shall deliver to the prospective transferee the written property disclosure statement

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44. For the seller’s agent, the first substantive meeting does not include

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45. Legal action by the Commission for a violation may take the form of a fine of not more than $1,000 and or up to ninety (90) days in jail, or both.  The second violation can be

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46. Special situations, where unusual facts exist or where one or more parties involved are especially vulnerable, could require additional disclosures not contemplated.  In such cases, brokers

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47. The five Commissioners appointed by the Governor with advise and consent from the Senate have the power to do all of the following except

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48. Any seller of a timeshare plan with the state of Mississippi must be a licensed Real Estate Broker or Real Estate Salesperson except

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49. The expiration, suspension or revocation of a responsible broker’s license shall automatically suspend the license of every real estate licensee currently under the supervision of that broker.  In such cases

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50. A licensee shall not be required to comply with disclosure requirements when engaged in transactions with

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51. Brokers may give legal advice

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52. An affiliated broker cannot act independently of his employing broker

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53. Funds received by the Commission are used to

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54. The following people may be excluded from holding a real estate license except

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55. When the broker is agent for the seller and for any reason the seller fails or is unable to consummate the transaction, the broker has no right to any portion of the money deposited by the purchaser, even if the commission has been earned.  The money must be returned to the purchaser and the broker

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56. When within 3 days a salesperson notifies the Commission of a change of broker.

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57. Applicants for a real estate license

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58. How many copies of a cooperative agreement must a Mississippi broker file with the Mississippi Real Estate Commission?

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59. In the event one or more parties are not available to sign one or more disclosures forms, the disclosure will be accomplished orally.  The applicable form will be so noted by the broker and said forms will be forwarded for signatures as soon as possible.

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60. A responsible broker must maintain an office and display the license therein.  If the broker has more than one office

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61. Every contract must reflect whom the broker represents by statement

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62. When a broker is agent for the seller and for any reason the seller fails or is unable to consummate the transaction, the broker has no right to any portion of the money deposited by the purchaser

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63. An agent without personal knowledge will not be held responsible for an error when the error was by a

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64. Commissioners are vested with power of court to issue and enforce subpoenas, levy fines and

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65. Can the Real Estate Commissioners issue subpoenas?

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66. When changing responsible brokers

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67. A broker applicant who has not held a salesperson license for a period of 12 months immediately prior to submitting an application, must

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68. An earnest money deposit pertaining to a cooperative agreement must be held in escrow

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69. A real estate broker must keep on file following it’s consummation complete records relating to any real estate transaction for

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70. The use of any copyrighted term or insignia on stationary, office signs, or in advertisement by any licensee not authorized to do so, will be considered

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71. When there is a cooperative agreement with a non-resident broker, the listing or property management agreement for the Mississippi property

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72. Monies received in a trust account on behalf of clients or customers are not assets of the broker; however, a broker may deposit and keep in each escrow account or rental account some personal funds for the express purpose

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73. Transfer Disclosures are mandatory for all of the following except

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74. Licensee following notification of action resulting from a Commissioner hearing

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75. An agent without personal knowledge will not be held responsible for an error when the error was by a

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76. If any disclosure, or any material amendment of any disclosure, required to be made is delivered after the execution of an offer to purchase

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77. An agent without personal knowledge will not be held responsible for an error when the error was by a

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78. In the case of transfer by a real property sales contract, or by a lease together with an option to purchase, or a ground lease coupled with improvements, delivery of the Transfer Disclosure Statement is delivered

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79. No fee, commission or other valuable consideration may be paid to a person for real estate brokerage activities unless the person provides evidence of

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80. A person who offers a timeshare plan located outside of Mississippi in a national publication or by electronic media, which is not directed to or targeted to any individual located in Mississippi and contains appropriate disclaimers

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81. An agent made real estate signs to put in the front yard of his client’s home.  He did not put the name of his responsible broker or name of his real estate firm on the sign.

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82. IREBEA (Interest on Real Estate Broker’s Escrow Accounts) is

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83. Dual Agency is not practiced by some brokers because

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84. All monies which shall be paid into the state treasury are credited

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85. Any licensee who fails in a timely manner to respond to official Mississippi Real Estate Commission written communication or who fails or neglects to abide by Mississippi Real Estate Commission Rules and Regulations shall be deemed

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86. No licensee shall pay any part of a fee, commission or other compensation received by such licensee in buying, selling, exchanging, leasing, auctioning or renting any real estate

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87. All license fee funds must be submitted to the State Treasury with detailed explanation

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88. A broker wants to pay his neighbor a referral fee for sending the broker the neighbor’s sister who purchased a home through that broker.

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89. When both the non-resident broker and the Mississippi broker have their company signs on a property listed together, the signs

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90. The following may be exempt from having a license

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91. Licensees who do not show proof of E and O Insurance have 30 days to correct the deficiency.  If the deficiency is not corrected within the 30 days

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92. The extent of cooperation of reciprocity with other states.

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93. Every licensee shall notify the Real Estate Commission of any adverse court decisions in which the licensee appeared as a defendant

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94. When advertising a property shared by an out of state broker

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95. Whenever a Mississippi broker enters into a cooperating agreement with a non-resident broker, the Mississippi broker

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96. The responsible broker must report any licensee for whom that broker is responsible to the commission if

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97. Notice in writing shall be given to the Commission by any real estate salesperson with a change of responsible broker within

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98. If a broker, as escrow agent, accepts a check and later finds that such check has not been honored by the bank on which it was drawn, the broker shall

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99. When the broker is the agent for the seller, “first substantive meeting” shall be before or just immediately prior to the first of any of the following

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100. A change of responsible broker requires the salesperson

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101. All exclusive buyer representation agreements shall be in writing and properly identify the terms and conditions under which the buyer will rely on the broker for the purchase of real estate including the sales price, the considerations to be paid, and the nature of all parties to the agreement and a definite date of expiration.

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102. A developer with a timeshare must return all payments made under the contract within

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103. Failure to renew your license on time will result in a penalty of double fee.  30 days late, will result

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104. All licenses issued to a real estate salesperson or broker salesperson

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105. The MREC will issue a (timeshare) preliminary permit in 20 days

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106. Developers of timeshares and any of his agents cannot practice timeshare

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107. The Mississippi broker in a non-resident cooperating broker agreement

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108. “Fiduciary Responsibility” are those duties due the principal (client) in a real estate transaction are

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109. In dual agency

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110. In addition to disclosing their licensed status on all advertisements, licensees are required to disclose their license status

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111. Brokers who practice disclosed dual agency

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