Mississippi Property Disclosure Exam

MS Property Disclosure

1. If a consumer requests information on non material facts
2. A failure to disclose in any real estate transaction any information that is provided or maintained, or is required to be provided or maintained
3. Failure to disclose nonmaterial facts or suspicions
4. Not disclosing that a previous tenant has died of HIV/Aids in an apartment of a fourplex
5. Which of the following is a material fact that needs to be disclosed?
6. Which of the following does not constitute a material fact that needs to be disclosed?
7. The Mississippi Real Estate Commission is authorized to enforce the provisions of Real Estate Transfer Disclosure requirements provisions.  Any violation shall be treated in the same manner
8. Any person who willfully or negligently violates or fails to perform any duty prescribed by any provision of Real Estate Transfer Disclosure requirements
9. No transfer subject to MS Real estate Disclosure Law shall be invalidated
10. The Real Estate Broker responsible for delivering disclosures
11. When a transferee for some reason does not receive the needed disclosures, their Real Estate Broker
12. If more than one licensed broker is acting as an agent in a transaction, the broker who has obtained the offer made by the transferee, shall except otherwise provided,
13. Any person or entity, other than a duly licensed real estate broker or salesperson acting in the capacity of an escrow agent for the transfer of real property shall not be deemed the agent for the transferee for purpose of the disclosure requirements
14. Delivery to a spouse of a transferee shall be
15. Delivery of disclosure required shall be delivered
16. Disclosures may
17. Tranferors must not
18. "Good Faith" means
19. Transferors and their agents must
20. If information required to be disclosed and is unknown, the transferor
21. If at the time the disclosures are required to be made, an item of information required to be disclosed is unknown or unavailable
22. If information disclosed in accordance with disclosure law is subsequently rendered inaccurate as a result of any act, occurrence or agreement subsequent to the delivery of the required disclosures
23. An expert inspecting a property
24. The delivery of any information required to be disclosed to a prospective transferee by a public agency or other expert dealing with matters within their scope of the professionals license or expertise must indicate
25. The delivery of a report by a contractor or expert dealing within his scope of expertise
26. The delivery of any information required to be disclosed to a prospective transferee by  public agencies
27. Neither the transferor nor any listing or selling agent shall be liable for any error, inaccuracy or omission of any information delivered in regards to MS Property Disclosure Law.
28. If a seller fails to deliver the property disclosure statement and the buyer decides to cancel the transaction,
29. If any disclosure or any material amendment of any disclosure required to be made is delivered after the execution of an offer to purchase, the transferee
30. With respect to any transfer, the transferor shall indicate compliance with MS Property Disclosure Law on
31. Which of the following transactions does the property condition disclosure be delivered before the making or acceptance of an offer?
32. The written property condition disclosure must be delivered
33. The transfer of any real property subject to MS Real Property Disclosure Law
34. Excluded from MS Property Disclosure Law are
35. When a dwelling unit is transferred from one co-owner to one or more other co-owners
36. Which of the following does Disclosure not apply to?
37. When a property is transferred by "deed in lieu of foreclosure"
38. Excluded from MS Disclosure law are transfers
39. Disclosure law applies when
40. MS Disclosure law applies to transfers by