Mississippi Real Estate Commission

§73-35-14.4. Distance learning courses

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(1) The term “distance learning course(s)” shall mean any course approved
by the commission in which the student is not physically present in a
classroom with the instructor, including, without limitation,
correspondence courses, video/DVD based courses and online
electronic courses.

(2) The commission may approve distance learning courses for pre-license
education, post-license education and continuing education courses.
Any distance learning course must meet any standards that the
Association of Real Estate Licensing Law Officials (ARELLO), or its
successor(s), may have for such courses, including, without limitation,
standards for content, form, examination, facilities and instructors. If
no ARELLO standards exist for a distance learning course, the
commission shall establish by rule such minimum standards. If
ARELLO or its successor(s) operate a certification program for
distance learning courses, a distance learning course must be certified
by ARELLO or its successor(s) before the commission may approve
the course

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