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Mississippi License Law

1. Who are exempt from having a real estate license?

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2. The five Commissioners appointed by the Governor with advise and consent from the Senate have the power to do all of the following except

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3. Can the Real Estate Commissioners issue subpoenas?

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4. It is unlawful to carry out the business of a broker or salesperson without

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5. Whenever a Mississippi broker enters into a cooperating agreement with a non-resident broker, the Mississippi broker

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6. When a broker has an agreement with a non-resident broker, involving a property located in Mississippi all advertising must have the name and telephone number of the Mississippi broker.

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7. Notice in writing shall be given to the Commission by any real estate salesperson with a change of responsible broker within

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8. Brokers may give legal advice

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9. Licensees may obtain errors and omissions coverage independently if the coverage contained in the policy follows the minimum requirement of

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10. IREBEA (Interest on Real Estate Broker’s Escrow Accounts) is

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