Rule 1.1 Members.

The Mississippi Real Estate Commission consists of five (5) persons who are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.  Each appointee shall have been a […]

Chapter 2: Declaratory Opinions

Rule 2.1 Scope. These rules set forth the Mississippi Real Estate Commission’s rules governing the form, content and filing of requests for declaratory opinions, and the Commission’s procedures regarding the […]

Chapter 1: Oral Proceedings

Rule 1.1 Scope. These rules apply to all oral proceedings held for the purpose of providing the public with an opportunity to make oral presentations on proposed new rules and […]

Rule 8.14 Owner Referrals

Referrals of prospective customers to the developer by any existing timeshare owner shall be permitted, without the owner holding a real estate license and compensation may be paid to the […]