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NOTE: This form is ONLY to be used by MISSISSIPPI residents. To qualify for broker, the applicant must be licensed as a Mississippi salesperson on ACTIVE status for a minimum of twelve (12) months immediately prior to applying for a broker license. If the applicant is not currently licensed as a salesperson, college real estate education is required to qualify for a broker license.

Questions 1 – 2: This is the applicant’s personal information.

All correspondence from MREC is sent to the applicant’s home address until they become licensed. If you cannot receive mail at your residence, you must provide your mailing address

IN ADDITION TO your residential address. We must also have your email address. Be sure to provide a valid email address you have access to and regularly check in the event MREC should need to contact you.

Question 3: This is the address where the applicant will be conducting business. It must be a physical address. Post office boxes are not allowed.

Questions 4 – 5: Should be self-explanatory. Question 6: If you have ONLY been licensed in Mississippi,

DO NOT request a certificate of licensure.

ONLY send a certificate of licensure if you are or were licensed in another state!

All certificates of licensure submitted to MREC must be received by MREC within 60 days of the notary date.

Question 7: Should be self-explanatory.

Questions 8 – 9: If you have applied before, and were not licensed because your application expired or you failed the state exam, that does NOT constitute being denied a license or a license being revoked.

Questions 10 – 11: Should be self-explanatory. If you plan to have a job in addition to real estate, you must list it on question 11.

Questions 12 – 13: If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you MUST provide a SEPARATE statement regarding why you answered ‘yes.’ Regarding arrests and judgments, “all facts” include:

 The date of arrest and result. Any jail time and/or probation should be listed with dates of when it was or will be completed.

Both misdemeanors and felonies should be disclosed.

 The date of the judgment, the amount, and when it was or will be paid in full.

 If you are currently in bankruptcy, you must send a copy of your petition/schedule. If you have been discharged, you ONLY need to send a copy of the discharge paper.

Questions 14 – 21: Note that some questions have multiple parts. Be sure to answer all questions fully.

Question 22: This is for your PERSONAL bank accounts. Recommendation of Three Real Estate Owners: Should be self-explanatory.

Photos of applicant: You MUST include a full face and a profile (side view) face photo with your application.

The photos are not required to be any certain size, but the MUST be clear.


 Application MUST be typed or printed. If it is printed, be sure handwriting is VERY CLEAR. MREC is not responsible for any misprints due to illegible handwriting.

 ALL questions have been answered in their entirety.

 The application fee is included.

 Your qualifying education certificates are attached. It is not necessary to send your sales pre- or post-license certificates again or a copy of your sales license.

Your broker pre-licensing education certificates are all that is needed. If you are not currently licensed as a salesperson and are qualifying by college education, you must include an original transcript.

 If you are currently licensed as a broker/salesperson under another responsible broker, you must include a letter of recommendation from your current broker.

The letter should be less than 60 days old when received by MREC. Send the original letter.

 The letter from your bank should be in reference to your personal banking accounts (not business accounts), confirm the banking relationship, and verify that the applicant is in good standing with the bank.

The letter should be less than 60 days old when received by MREC. Send the original letter.

 The application must be notarized and must be received by MREC within 60 days of the notary date.

 You MUST send the ORIGINAL application. A copy or scan (even in color) will NOT be accepted.

Also, all signatures must be the ORIGINAL signatures. Digital signatures are NOT acceptable.

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