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Nurturing an environment grounded in common goals and trust enable our school members to reach beyond the jurisdictional and educational minimums. Together we search for what our adult learners need and deserve both educationally and individually and foster a safe environment where our instructors and learners become explorers and risk-takers of innovation. Removing the fear to participate begins the concrete foundation on which the Real Estate Training Institute operates. A quality education grows from a positive school environment. 


Fostering social networks, friendships, and support to enhance the personal growth of our adult learners is essential. Communication between the adult learners to instructors and learner to learner provides social interaction to many learners who may not have had the opportunity of group inclusiveness unless participating in RETI’s adult programs. The individual’s desire to be included is respected. Our backs never turn towards our learners.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous school improvement is a necessary component of the Real Estate Training Institute’s quality education. Improvements begin with our instructor’s commitment to life-long learning and exploring. Participation in the Real Estate Educators Association is mandatory to foster instructor growth and development for the continuous improvement of the Real Estate Training Institute.

Open Door Policy

By opening the doors to our classrooms through both physical and virtual environments, we have the opportunity to improve real estate consumer safety and experiences with our graduates. We open up our classrooms to educators not only in our schools but to schools creating a positive impact in the community.


Leadership starts at the top. We value our instructor’s expertise by focusing on their strengths first. We then help them develop in other areas to foster their leadership skills. We continuously inspire our instructors to be leaders.

Our instructors inspire our learners not to be followers but to lead. Our learners are encouraged to be leaders in their communities.


Through the school’s use of Facebook, text, and Messenger, we open up our classrooms to digital communication to expand on the traditional ways of communicating by phone, email, or fax.

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