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Sherman Antitrust Act

The most common violations in real estate are:

Price fixing: 

Price fixing occurs when two or more competing sellers agree on what prices to charge, such as by agreeing that they will increase prices a certain amount or that they won’t sell below a certain

Group Boycotting:  

People, real estate boards or companies getting together to boycott a competitor.

Bid rigging: 

Bid rigging most commonly occurs when two or more firms agree to bid in such a way that a designated firm submits the winning bid, typically for local, State, or Federal Government contracts.

Customer allocation: 

Customer- allocation agreements involve some arrangement between competitors to split up customers, such as by geographic area, to reduce or eliminate competition.

Allocation of Markets: 

Brokers cannot get together and break up a market area. (You take the north side and my company will take the south side.)

A Tie In – Tying Arrangement (tie-in) are illegal:

The agent tied in the sale of a listing client’ home if the client also turns around and buys swampland the agent is selling.

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