Terms & Conditions

All students have six (6) months to complete the course without further fees.  After six (6) months until one (1) year students may have to pay for updated books.  After the one (1) year anniversary of signing up for a course with Real Estate Training Institute all courses must be fully successfully completed.  If no certificate has been issued during the one year, students must pay full tuition to continue.

No tuition refunds will be made after the course has begun.


Goals and Objectives


To demonstrate a commitment to excellence in educational courses, integrity and honesty upon delivery of courses and to hold the highest respect for our adult learners.


  • To treat adult learners and the general public with a professional demeanor in speech, actions and dress.
  • To have graduates of Real Estate Training Institute be recognized for their knowledge and professionalism within the real estate community.
  • Strive for Excellence
  • We place the care of the adult learners above our own competing interests.
  • By the end of the course, adult learners will be able to communicate and demonstrate proficiency in the real estate community with professional behavior.

Learning Activities

Communicate with instructors.  Communicate with other adult learners.

Quizlet Cue Cards and Games

Quizlet Live Games

Interactive Crossword Puzzles

Reference materials including books published by Real Estate Training Institute and other professional sources are part of the courses.

Internet research will be implemented.


Power points presentations with relative information may be used.

Free Weekend Review monthly


Quizzes and exams will be used to measure the adult learner’s retention and application of knowledge learned.

Mission Statement

Real Estate Training Institute supplies high-quality real estate education by providing up to date instructional materials and methods to inspire lifelong learning and professionalism within the real estate community.

Terms of Service