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Purpose & Scope
Compliance of learner identity verification for assessment of significant exams within a face-to-face, livestream, blended, and online setting in the Real Estate Training Institute’s Learning Management System (LMS) requires Learner Identity Verification.

The Real Estate Training Institute Verification of Learner Identity (VSI) policy applies to all credit-bearing face-to-face, livestream, blended, and online education programs and courses. Learners receive a password as a secure single-source login to access RETI systems. Learners must use the standard set of rules to create secure passwords.

Learners must keep their login credentials and ID card secure and not share this
information with anyone. The Real Estate Training Institute requires all users to “Protect user identification, password information, and system from unauthorized use” prohibiting unauthorized use of another user’s account including account sharing.

Learners must abide by Real Estate Training Institute Policies related to Academics, Academic Integrity, and Technology Utilization as possible sanctions may occur for all
Policies violations. Therefore, learners must provide accurate and verifiable information related to their identity throughout their time at the Real Estate Training Institute.

Faculty teaching Livestream and online courses are required to verify learner identity for significant exams.

Livestream, Blended and Online Education – Includes one or more of the following synchronous or asynchronous education technology delivery systems:

  1. Internet/IP based video conferencing and/or web-based video conferencing
  2. One-way and two-way transmissions through the ZOOM platform
  3. Telephone, audio, or video conferencing
  4. Online learning within the RETI LMS
  5. External commercial course instruction and evaluation systems used in conjunction with any of the other technologies herein listed

For questions, please contact Real Estate Training Institute
EMAIL: [email protected] and/or by PHONE: 228-354-8585.