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General Warranty Deed

The deed that gives the most protection to the buyer.

It has five covenants.

  1.  Covenant of Seisen
  2.  Covenant of quiet enjoyment: Quiet enjoyment means that the grantor guarantees that no one else can come along and claim ownership of the property. It also means that if a later party’s title claim is found to be better than the owner’s title, the grantor is liable for any losses.
  3. Covenant against encumbrances: The grantor guarantees that the title to the property has no encumbrances like an easement or lien. Easements are rights that enable someone else to use some of the property, and liens are financial claims against the property. The only exceptions to this warranty are encumbrances that are specifically stated in the deed.
  4. Covenant of further assurance: In this covenant, the grantor promises to obtain and provide documents necessary to clear up any problem that comes up with the title.
  5. Covenant of warranty forever: The grantor guarantees to pay all costs to clear up any title problems at any time in the future.

A particular feature of a general warranty deed is that warranties cover any title problems that may have occurred during all past owners’ ownerships.

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